Education Curriculum

ATC Educational Curriculum (Alteon Training Center) Specialized L4 Switch education, the oldest educational curriculum that produced the largest number of students who completed the program
ATC Educational Curriculum (Alteon Training Center)

ATC is the 3-day basic educational program on Alteon Application Switch (AAS) that OPENBASE Inc., which was the first to supply the L4 Switch of Radware-Alteon within the region, has been implementing. OPENBASE Inc., equipped with the best technological capabilities and the longest experiences in the area of Web Switch in Korea, is executing the ATC education by using lecturers with abundance of practical experiences on the basis of the extensive know-how on successful establishment of network and technological capabilities accumulated over prolonged period of time.

ATC Established Course

Basic course on the operation and composition of Radware – Alteon Web Switch (3 days)

Course Overview

This course supports the actual realization under the network of the client company by delivering information for the understanding, setting of composition and operation of Alteon Web Switch, and providing hands-on technical practicum. The students of this educational program will have the opportunities to change and operate the compositional settings diversely, including the Server Load Balancing (SLB) of Alteon Web Switch, Web Cash Redirection (WCR), Fire Wall Load Balancing (FWLB), Invasion Detection System Load Balancing (IDS LB), RTSP Load Balancing, WAP Gateway Load Balancing, High Availability (HA), Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), Broadband Width Management (BWM), Contents Health Check Scripting and Redundant Composition by using many other settings.

Recommended prerequisite course

Practical understanding and experiences in the networking infrastructure products (bridge, switch and router) and internet-based protocols (that is, TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, etc.)


No of Training Course Schedule
1st 2024-02-21 ~ 2024-02-23
2nd 2024-05-22 ~ 2024-05-24
3rd 2024-10-16 ~ 2024-10-18
4th 2024-12-04 ~ 2024-12-06

※ Textbooks and equipment for practicum are provided.
※ As we do not provide parking, please use public transportation as much as possible.


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If you are not able to attend the corresponding course after having paid for the educational program,
the fees paid are valid for a year. However, there is no refund.
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Days Information deposit Account Follow-up call
1 million Won per person
(VAT excluded)
Woori Bank
OPENBASE Inc. 02-3404-5622
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