APT탐지시스템과 연동되는 악성파일 표준 판별 체계 도입, 이제 TARGOS로 구축하세요!

This shuts off the spread of threat, by applying the threat information, which provides in control tower, to sandbox which installed at agency quickly, so as to utilize the detection system of APT (sandbox) which holds at each agency, effectively. Also, it helps control tower to apprehend the present condition of threat for agency on the whole, by collecting and providing the threat information which occurred at agency.

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Categories TARGOS S/W TARGOS Appliance
Model 나라장터 종합쇼핑몰 등록
(Appliance 제공 가능)
TSX2000 TSX5500
CPU Intel 4Core x 1 Intel 4Core x 1 Intel 8Core x 2
Memory 32GB 32GB 128GB
HDD SATA 500 GB x 1 SSD 150 GB x 1
SATA 500 GB x 1
SSD 80 GB x 2
SATA 500 GB x 2
NIC Intel 10/100/1000 x 1 Intel 10/100/1000 x 2 Intel 10GB x 2
Size (HxWxD In) - 1.75" x 17.24" x 21.8" 3.44” x 16.93” x 27.95”
Stack - 1 U 2 U
Power - AC/DC 750W x 1 AC/DC 1100W x 2
지원 샌드박스 개수 별도협의 5 10

* TARGOS(SW) : C Minimum Specification